Welcome to the Moonstone Coven blog.

My name is Jessica, and I’m the Head Witch in Charge around here.

And even though this persona suggests otherwise, I don’t consider myself a witch, and I don’t practice magic, perform human sacrifice, or have the devil himself on speed dial.

The name MoonstoneCoven actually came about from a username generator, of all things. I wanted to create an online presence that would allow me to share my journey as a first-generation, non-traditional pre-medical student, and lover of medicine in general, without being directly linked to me personally.

Why? Aside from the obvious concerns about privacy and safety, I also already have a bit of a presence online in the realms of Software Engineering, User Experience, and Accessibility: my career for the last decade; I didn’t want to tie the two together at this point, mostly because of the potential professional impacts it may have before I’m ready to transition out of Software Engineering fully.

The name MoonstoneCoven, specifically, was something I knew I needed to use as soon as I saw it come up. I love actual moonstones, and I have spent the majority of Halloweens throughout my lifetime dressing up as a witch. It was the perfect username to create a persona around. So here we are.

What sort of Content does the Coven produce?

If you’re looking for content on love spells, hexes for exes, or grimoire writing 101, I will sadly have to burst your bubble. I’m interested in a different sort of magic – the inner workings of our brain.

Content you’ll see here will be primarily associated with one of a few things:

  • Education: mine, specifically. I’m currently an undergraduate student who will be finishing an Associate’s Degree in the spring and then returning to my Bachelor’s program, where I am pursuing two degrees and a minor:
    • Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience
    • Bachelor of Science in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, and Biomedical Sciences (and yes, that’s all one program).
    • Minor in Public Health
  • Neuroscience: aside from content relating directly to what I am studying, I will also be covering neuroscience broadly since it’s the topic I find most interesting and that I want to pursue in the future.
  • Medicine: aside from pre-medical content, I also love discussing different aspects of the practice of medicine (new treatments, specific pathologies, research, etc.), so you will likely see a lot of that as well.

So, if any of that interests you, or if you just want to see what sort of magic comes from the Coven of a non-practicing, non-witch, then I look forward to creating some content for you to consume (metaphorically speaking — please don’t eat my computer).

In addition to whatever comes out of my head and onto this blog, or a social feed, I also am compiling a list of resources, which will include all of my medicine-, neuroscience-, and tech-specific books (mostly non-fiction), as well as textbooks and other educational resources that I own. And if you’re feeling super generous, I also have an Amazon wishlist you can peruse (mostly books I’ve been recommended for my studies, but not ones so important that I have already acquired them – it’s an interesting list).

And, as always, if there is anything specific you’d like me to cover, you can always send me a comment or connect with me on social media.

I hope this page has helped you understand the Coven a little better.

Consider this meeting adjourned.